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eduXeed is an eLearning and Digital Communications Company

eXceed your business objectives - eXceed your goals

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eXceed your individual goals with
interactive online short courses,
bringing you closer to realising
your dreams


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eLearning Design and Development
Multimedia Production
Digital Communication and Virtual Events

eXceed your business objectives

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Welcome to eduXeed

eduXeed is an eLearning Design and Development, Multimedia Production and Digital Communications company, which delivers effective educational solutions to businesses. We create an interactive and engaging learning experience for your target market. Empowering them and allowing you to maximise and eXceed your business objectives.

Here you will find a host of relevant, industry specific and professional skills enhancing -short courses, -training modules and -educational talks. These services empower you to upskill yourself, shape your future, and eXceed your goals.

Online Short Courses

While your goals can range from; achieving business outcomes with an appropriately upskilled workforce, career development through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, staying up-to-date with the latest international industry developments, personal enrichment through a hobby or simply pursuing your passion. Continuous education is vital in all aspects of life. We provide the tools to achieve these pursuits!

Our Services

eLearning Design and Development, Multimedia Production and Digital Communication services that helps you drive your business success with impactful, engaging, and effective technology enabled education solutions.


Free CPD accredited Learning-on-Demand for Professionals.

In partnership with like-minded businesses, experts, and professionals, we are expanding our Digital Communication and Webinar services to the hosting of these events as an interactive Learning-on-Demand solution

Our Clients